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This weekend was so wonderful. I went down to Winona, and spent two whole days and nights with Kym. Friday night we went to a high school football game that she had to cover for the post, and then grocery shopping! But Saturday her mom and her mom’s best friend were in town, and we went to an apple orchard which was perfect. This morning we went on a really long hike up to a lookout which was beautiful. Winona makes me miss being around hills.


So this weekend was pretty cool. Friday night Iris and I played at Butter, which makes THE best eclairs. A bunch of my friends came, which was really wonderful(: Laura came, of course, and I ended up going home and spending the weekend in the ville. Saturday I did four loads of laundry, then we went to the St. Paul art fair. I’ve never spent any time in Lowertown, and it’s so cool! My mom also has all of these really cool artist friends now, that have studios and live off of their art. We went to see a dance show at Intermedia Arts called Girlywood, which was really interesting. Sunday I worked, then helped children make little witch puppets for a Hansel und Gretel workshop at the Germanic Institute. So fun, and I got a witch, and a free ticket to the opera! Tonight I ventured back to Lowertown to see a show written by the guy who wrote the puppet show I was in over winter break, and it was really, really lovely. 


Tonight was the perfect night for self care and pampering…Also known as a shower and face mask. 


Eid Mubarak! I spent last night at home, then went to khane today with my cousins for Eid Namaz. We went out to lunch with my mom, then my mom and I went shopping. It’s so much fun to become actual friends with my cousins. It’s also so crazy to see them growing up… I got new boots and a raincoat, both of which I’m very pleased about. I also FINALLY got a couple roles of film developed, so that’s cool. I’m working on writing about a million scholarship essays, and tomorrow I’m meeting with one of my freshman mentees for a program I did. 


Speaking of good vibes (see tags on last post), I’ve been officially accepted to study abroad in Senegal!!!!!! I’m SO excited. One of my best friend’s mothers called me to congratulate me <3 <3 <3 Eighty-eight days, and counting.