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One month until my birthday! mahhhhh. Today i went to yoga and got coffee and hung out with a boy so that’s new and exciting in my life.


My life is so crazy right now you guys. I had French, then went and worked on a project for the class, then went and worked in the Franken office for a few hours. I came home and showered and then Iris and I went to the Amsterdam to hear Raina del Cid. It was so much fun, and we learned that our favorite History TA is Raina’s best friend!! ‘Twas exciting. Tomorrow is another nutso day. Goodnight.

Guys also so last night this guy came to the show and he didn’t get there until the very last half hour and we’ve only really hung out once before but we have lots of mutual friends, but he ordered pizza and it didn’t get there til after we were done playing so I stayed to hang out with him so he wouldn’t have to eat it by himself and he said he had ordered vegetarian pizza because he remembered that I’m one and he shared it with me and we talked for an hour and it was just the sweetest thing in the world. We also realized that we’d been in the same math class freshman year and I were both really sad we didn’t know each other then because we both hated everyone else in the class.


These last few days have been absolutely nutso. Iris got back Thursday and we ended up playing at the Hoot, which never disappoints. I woke up Friday for my French test, had a chiro appointment, went to the beach with my favorite girls, had the 2nd day of Drama Camp, then went to Galactic Pizza and played a three hour set. It was madness. But it was so much fun to be playing again, and we had some really wonderful friends come out. I had to wake up again real early today to get to the Science Museum, then go to rehearsal for the show I’m helping musically direct, then went to volunteer with Al for a few hours. I’m finally home and showered and I just trimmed my bangs so we’ll see how that turns out but I have a beer and blueberries and am so pleased.

What the hell, Minnesota? It is the middle of July and I should be sweating my boobs off but instead I’m curled up under a blanket AND a comforter even though I’m a little drunk!!!! This isn’t right. 

I’m at that point in my beer where cute animals make me want to cry.