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Last night I also got to snuggle with a cat. It was the greatest thing and I almost cried I was so happy.

Tonight I went to a party which included (but was not limited to) :

  • A boy I made out with once at a party who I assumed (safely, I thought) that I would never see again
  • A boy I used to regularly make out with (and more)
  • A boy I made out with a few weeks ago whom I’ve always had a bit of a crush on
  • A boy who is roommates and best friends with former boy, who asked me on a date maybe?

I am very drunk and a little stressed, but will be kept fairly busy tomorrow so it will all be alright. 
Goodnight dears!


Yesterday was kind of shitty, but I ended it by getting high with my friend for the first time in a real long time and it was a lot more fun that I’d remembered. I did some yoga and we watched Psych and I remember trying to talk about musical terms in foreign languages… I don’t think it worked out too well. I have a french test in forty minutes which I feel about 5% prepared for, but then I’m hanging out with my mom for a while, and later later I’m going to a party where you’re supposed to wear all denim. 

Lana Del Rey
Summertime Sadness


Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey


Today I was approached by Mormons for the first time in my life. Though skepticism is putting it lightly, it was interesting to talk with them, and they both seemed extremely genuine in their faith and their motives for speaking to me, which was kind of nice I guess.


One month until my birthday! mahhhhh. Today i went to yoga and got coffee and hung out with a boy so that’s new and exciting in my life.


My life is so crazy right now you guys. I had French, then went and worked on a project for the class, then went and worked in the Franken office for a few hours. I came home and showered and then Iris and I went to the Amsterdam to hear Raina del Cid. It was so much fun, and we learned that our favorite History TA is Raina’s best friend!! ‘Twas exciting. Tomorrow is another nutso day. Goodnight.