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Speaking of good vibes (see tags on last post), I’ve been officially accepted to study abroad in Senegal!!!!!! I’m SO excited. One of my best friend’s mothers called me to congratulate me <3 <3 <3 Eighty-eight days, and counting. 


This weekend has been the greatest. Friday I went to see the Minnesota Orchestra perform the Barber cello concerto and Mahler’s 2nd symphony with some of my favorite people. Saturday I got to see even more of my favorite people (including KYM!!!!) and we got dressed up and saw Caroline Smith and Lizzo perform at First Ave. It was one of, if not the best concerts I’ve ever been to. This morning I had to get up for church, but have been hanging out with the mother. It’s been a quality weekend. 


Today was a 6 shots of espresso day and I’m not even sure why. I finished a paper, so that feels SO good, and I’ve started reading The Bluest Eye. Saturday I get to see Caroline Smith, Lizzo, and KYM!!!!